“I was in a state of shock after the earthquake and felt traumatised and panicked by the hundreds of aftershocks. I had SHEN a month later and after just 3 sessions all the held trauma was gone. Now I feel completely relaxed and calm even after big aftershocks.My heart doesn’t race when the ground trembles any more. This was exceptional relief from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) which many people are suffering from after the Christchurch earthquakes.” AW (Manager)

“SHEN has transformed my life by reducing my anxiety. It has enhanced my enjoyment of life and it has alleviated physical symptoms of neuralgia and joint pain. I now have a positive sense of wellbeing.”  JG (Health Professional)

“SHEN® has enabled me to review and confront positively, a number of issues revolving around lack of self-worth, guilt and fear. I feel stronger and more confident. I hereby make a commitment to look ‘forward’ rather than back”.  KP