• Thank you for visiting our site. Everyday we work with people just like you who want more from life.
  • Are your feelings stopping you from enjoying life and moving forward?
  • Do others say you are too emotional or have you been told that you don’t feel enough?
  • Do you feel depressed and don’t know where to turn for help?

You’ve come to the right place because SHEN Physio – Emotional Release Therapy has spectacular results, resolving emotional conflicts, grief and trauma.

Check out our About SHEN page for more information on conditions SHEN has successfully treated.

Come along and learn about SHEN at our 1 Day Introductory Workshop in Auckland. Visit the SHEN Training page on the site

Treat yourself to a 7 Day SHEN Therapy Empowerment Workshop – a transformative experience.

SHEN is a brief therapy, the number of sessions needed depends on the level of distress your system holds. When you meet with your Certified SHEN Therapist they will discuss this with you.

Visit the Contact a Therapist page to contact a Certified SHEN Practitioner and book a session

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