Michael Owen CST

Michael OwenCertified SHEN Therapist
Ponsonby, Auckland

I came to SHEN Therapy following a history of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & associated physiological, psychological and emotional challenges. SHEN has proved invaluable in my own healing process. It has helped me to embrace my most vulnerable and sensitive aspects giving me back a true sense of self care and love in all aspects of myself. It is this depth of care that I pass on as a SHEN Therapist.

The healing arts and the natural health field have played a strong part in my life since my late 20s with training in Reiki, Organic Horticulture, Natural (Esoteric) Healing and a Diploma in Yoga. All of these underscore my SHEN Therapy Practice and give clarity, depth and an integration of care in working with you as a client. This is also assisted by a twenty plus year meditation practice. With SHEN Therapy I offer to you a form which gets to the heart and soul of emotional issues gently, compassionately and with great depth. I also have a strong interest in men’s community, health and well being with a clear outreach to the diverse sexuality community.

I have worked with a diverse range of clients from those going through life-threatening illnesses, emotional/life crises, emotional trauma and long held negative patterns, sexual and physical harm, reduction in psychotherapeutic medication, appropriate emotional stabilisation during pregnancy, post miscarriage and  pregnancy/ IVF issues, and a range of other stress related disorders. SHEN Therapy had proved in many cases a great assist to new ways of being and feeling much more at ease in the world.

I look forward to meeting you in person.

Please feel free to contact me

Tel: 09 376 9599

Email: mowenshens@gmail.com

Website: www.emotionalwellbeing.co.nz

Restorative SHEN (deep relaxation/balancing session):

$70 (Session 1-1 1/4 hour)

Therapeutic SHEN (targeted therapeutic work for specific emotional challenges):

$100-session lasts approx. 2 hours (includes flower essences- a clear and targeted assist to unfolding emotional processes)

Please see website above for other services and pricing.


“Before starting the SHEN Therapy with Michael I was feeling exhausted, with a lot of pain in my body, no energy, no happiness anymore. The therapy helped me to discover where I was stuck and to find the courage to change that situation and to find solutions so that my levels of energy and happiness started to increase. It also helped me to get my sense of smell back. It was gone for over a year. All the sessions I had were extremely gentle, subtle and deep at the same time. It was a real gift for my body, heart and soul. Thanks a lot for that! A light in the darkness!”       SR

“I have had the pleasure of having two relaxation SHENs with Michael. Both sessions were deeply relaxing and I came out feeling rejuvenated, refreshed, more balanced and more connected with the core of my being. Michael is a highly intuitive, very professional and very caring person. Throughout the sessions I felt safe and supported in my journey. I recommend his services highly and hope to engage with him again in the future”                   I W

“I started SHEN because I was getting very alarming nightmares/night terrors which felt to me like a slight internalisation of panic attacks I’d experienced about 10 years earlier. I also knew I wasn’t particularly well in myself due to lots of stress from my family and work, which meant I was never particularly happy, content or in control of my life. These things led to physical symptoms on top of the emotional ones resulting in severe back pain and IBS among other things like drinking a lot.

The practice itself is very non-invasive- you lie on a massage bed and the practitioner places their hands on parts of your body ( arms, legs, back, stomach) and keeps them there for some time before moving on to somewhere else. The anomaly was my emotional and physical reaction to this practice. I felt electric currents move through my body; twitches (sometimes quite repetitive and pronounced), extreme emotional pressures and a huge sadness and weight. I travelled through these experiences which lead to a calm release at the conclusion of each session. During these physical reactions I had a flow of conscious thoughts about trying situations that were in the forefront of my mind. I was able to work through these in my head within minutes, problems which would normally have taken me several weeks (or months) to resolve. The session would end with a huge sense of clarity and calm happiness, at times including life-changing realisations and the ability to let go of stuff I was unaware that I had been holding on to my detriment.

My situation after 4 months of once or twice weekly sessions has changed dramatically. I have been able to let go of negative and destructive people in my life; including one in my family and now have my larger family to enjoy with happiness. My work situation has also changed dramatically and I am so enjoying having myself back!

Michael is a pleasure to know. He is a peaceful and calming influence to me and many people. He is accomplished at SHEN and has found his true calling. I hope he can help you as much as he has helped me”     AJT

“ Thanks to the SHEN sessions with Michael over a number of weeks I experienced a deep sense of inner stillness that contrasted with months of emotional turmoil resulting from prolonged ill health. I came to look forward to these sessions knowing I was in safe hands during which Michael worked with consistent depth to facilitate healing on many levels. I am most grateful for all he has done & recommend Michael to any friend in need of healing and wholeness”     NB

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